Review: Queen Bee by Jane Fallon

Queen Bee follows Laura, who moves to a small studio on The Close after her marriage ends. She moves into the annexe of Gail’s mansion. There she is introduced to a rich circle of friends although their lives are not all what they seem. Laura meets Stella, who is set to marry Al, who she has been with for many years. Yet, Laura’s arrival unsettles the peace as she learns more about her new neighbours.

Laura runs a small cleaning company for offices. Early on, she discovers that Stella’s partner, Al, is the CEO of one of the companies she has a contract with. This enables Laura to find out more than Al would like about his world.

Told from Laura’s perspective, Queen Bee is entertaining but also full of drama and suspense. It is full of secrets, which are gradually uncovered. What was most enjoyable about this story, was that it wasn’t predictable. You become immersed and are not sure what will happen next.

It’s a story about the complexities of friendship and marriage, but also of status, class and wealth. It explores the age-old question of whether money can truly buy happiness. 

If you’re looking for a light, easy read with a storyline that will keep you hooked, then this one is for you. 

I received a copy of Queen Bee in exchange for an honest review.

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