Review: Broken Flowers by Kate McQuaile

Set in London, Broken Flowers is a short thriller which follows the protagonist, Nan, as she grapples with her past.

Nan is haunted by events that occurred decades earlier. Early in the novel, she travels down to London for her son’s wedding to his partner Marie-Laure. Yet she’s going back to an area she hasn’t returned to for decades and fears what the trip will bring.

As the past and present collide, we learn more about the events that have clouded Nan’s life and the story becomes more fast-paced. Jumping between decades and perspectives, we learn more and more about Nan and her family and others in her life. It’s easy to follow and the events are woven together well.

It’s not a genre I would usually pick up, but I’m glad that I did. It’s a quick read, that is immersive and gripping. Some of the twists and turns can be foreseen but I would recommend Broken Flowers – an easy read that will keep you hooked.

I received a copy of Broken Flowers in exchange for an honest review.

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